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Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Permeable Paver Benefits, Los Angeles, CA

Permeable pavers have been becoming popular in recent times, with more and more homeowners opting for this paving style. Here, the paving stones have gaps in between them to allow water to easily pass through. A gravel base lies underneath, through which the water then seeps down to the earth. Permeable pavers offer several great benefits:

Water Drainage

One of the key purposes of installing permeable pavers is that they allow seamless water drainage. The large gaps between the tiles prevent water from pooling up on the property or flooding it. Traditional concrete pavers would prevent water from seeping through, causing it to remain till it naturally dries up, in case you do not have a proper drainage system in place. Upon installing the right permeable pavers, you would not even need a drainage system. Thus, you would be able to utilize all the land in an efficient manner.

Water Diversion

Installing a functional drainage system and maintaining it can be quite a hassle. However, unless you divert the stormwater runoff, the water would get stagnant and become a breeding ground of disease. This is in addition to the inconvenience and the damage to the property that the water can cause. However, permeable pavers reduce or eliminate the need for such a drainage system as they drain out the water in a natural process.


Once filled in, a permeable pavement becomes quite strong and durable. In fact, permeable pavers are even more durable than concrete in many cases. The very design of this paving style allows it to bear heavy loads. The flexibility of permeable pavers allows them to change shape with the soil. Therefore, permeable pavers are quite common in commercial parking lots frequented by various vehicles all day.


One of the major factors that one is likely to consider before paver installation is whether it would look aesthetically pleasing. After all, the pavers would form the topmost surface of the ground and therefore be one of the first things that a visitor would notice. Now, permeable pavers are great in terms of aesthetics and can give the space a great look. A good paving company should be able to provide you with various styles of permeable paving to choose from. It is also possible to trim permeable pavers to make them fit anywhere.


Permeable pavers are cheaper and more cost-effective than conventional concrete pavers in almost every way. Not only is the upfront cost of these pavers cheaper, but the installation and transportation costs are low too. Permeable pavers do not need a lot of maintenance and keeping them clean is easy. Thus, you would also be saving money in the long run due to the low maintenance costs.


The materials that find application in creating and laying permeable pavers occur naturally, which means that they are eco-friendly. In many cases, these pavers also use recycled plastic, thus reducing plastic waste. Considering the hazard that plastic waste poses to the environment, these pavers are certainly a good choice if you are looking for environment-friendly options.

Hence, permeable pavers are certainly something that you may consider. These pavers deliver cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, durability, and convenience all at once. At JFK Company, we can provide you with high-quality permeable pavers, along with professional installation services. Simply call us at (818) 991-7283 or fill up this form if you need our services.

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